Compare the Best CPA Review Courses & Top CPA Study Materials of 2018

best-cpa-review-courses-and-study-materialsComparing the best CPA review courses, exam prep study guides, and CPA study materials for the Certified Public Accountant exam doesn’t have to be hard. But there’s so much information out there about different CPA prep courses, study tips, and exam taking strategies, how can you possibly digest it all?

Well, you are in luck. We break down all of these topics and give you the information that you need to know without all of the BS and fluff. We help you cut to the chase and understand which CPA study guide is right for you, how to use them, and most importantly how to pass the CPA exam on your first try!

It’s no secret that everyone learns in different ways. The first thing that you should look for in CPA review course is one that emphasizes the features that help you learn the most. Some review course companies emphasize video lectures while others provide live classroom environments. Likewise, some provide HUGE CPA test banks while others emphasize detailed textbooks. The important thing is that you get a course that has the features that matter most to you.

To help you find that CPA study guide, we’ve reviewed all of the top CPA exam study materials and listed all of the important features that you should consider when making your decision. We might leave some things out, but that’s because some things don’t matter. It’s easy to over think this decision and analyze everything to death. After all, we are accountants. 🙂 Take our advice. Don’t get bogged down in the details. Look at what’s most important and what actually makes a difference. Then focus on preparing for your upcoming CPA exam.

Below is a list of the most popular and best Certified Public Accountant review courses along with their course features, software advantages, and CPA discounts.

Quick Links to Top CPA Review Courses

Best CPA Exam Prep Courses and Study Guides

  • Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review
  • Roger CPA Review
  • Surgent CPA Review
  • Gleim CPA Review
  • Yaeger CPA Review
  • Fast Forward Academy CPA Review
  • Becker CPA Review

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Wiley CPAexcel

wiley-cpaexcel-review-coursesWiley CPAexcel review has revolutionized the CPA study prep industry with their CPAexcel review course. This course is designed around the idea that shorter lessons help candidates focus more, reduce study time, and increase exam scores. Wiley CPAexcel is one of the best CPA review courses for people with busy schedules who want to be able to get through a full lesson in 15 minutes.

The Wiley CPAexcel course includes the following features:

  • 12,000 Question Wiley CPA Test Bank
  • 600 Task-Based Simulations
  • 110 Hours of Video Lectures
  • Study Flash Cards
  • Final Review Course
  • Unlimited Access FOREVER

Stand Out Feature: Wiley’s short, easy to understand and digest lessons speed up study time and increase your recall.

Wiley CPA Excel has the biggest CPA test bank of practice questions. This is extremely important because it allows you to practice taking the exam and learn the concepts at the same time. Practicing exam questions is probably the most important thing you can do in your study process. It has no expiration date. You will be able to use it until you pass the exam no matter how long it takes without paying an extra fee!

Roger CPA Review

roger-cpa-review-coursesRoger CPA review was developed by the legendary CPA lecturer Roger Phillipp. This course centers around the Roger Method of studying and Roger’s personal lectures. These aren’t your ordinary boring college lectures. Roger is energetic and in your face showing you what you need to learn and remember. It’s a breath of fresh air in the boring world of accounting. Roger’s lessons will keep you awake, attentive, and dare I say entertained.

The Roger CPA review course includes these features:

  • 5,800 Practice Questions
  • 400 Task-Based Simulations
  • 120 Hours of Video Lectures
  • CPA Exam Flash Cards
  • Roger Audio Course
  • Roger Cram Course
  • 18 Month Course Access

Stand Out Feature: Roger’s engaging lectures.

Roger completely redesigned their course platform in 2018 to utilize their proprietary SmartPath technology. This is like adaptive technology on steroids. The CPA software guides you through the topics and helps you focus on areas that you need to work on. It’s miles ahead of any other adaptive course out there!

Surgent CPA Review

surgent-cpa-review-coursesSurgent CPA review started with Surgent McCoy, an extremely respected professional CPE provider. They took their years of knowledge creating professional education and developed an adaptive course that helps candidates focus on topics that they don’t fully understand and need help with. After analyzing your answers, the CPA course software understands what topics you should be working on, so you don’t waste time studying things you already know.

The Surgent CPA review course includes a bunch of different features.

  • 6,800 Practice Questions
  • 390 Task-Based Simulations
  • 350 Video Lessons
  • CPA Study Flash Cards
  • Final Review and Cram Course
  • Unlimited Access FOREVER

Stand Out Feature: Surgent analytics and adaptive software.

Surgent also offers some of the best individual coaching out of any review course. That’s a big deal. Studying for the exam is hard. Being motivated to study every day is even harder. Surgent assigns you a personal exam coach who will help you through topics you don’t understand and help you stay on track, so you will be ready on your exam day. Also, there’s no renewal fee. You can use this course as long as you need to!

Gleim CPA Review

gleim-cpa-review-coursesGleim CPA review has been publishing CPA review study materials for over 3 decades. They are known for their attention to detail and ability to explain complex exam topics clearly. The Gleim textbooks and review materials include the most details, examples, and past exam question solutions out of any study guide. This is great for candidates who have been out of school for a long time and feel they need more explanation. It’s also great for foreign candidates and people who just want to practice more exam questions.

The Gleim CPA review course includes the following:

  • 9,200 Past Exam and Practice Questions
  • 1,000 Task-Based Simulations
  • 100 Hours of Video Lessons
  • Final Cram Course
  • Unlimited Access FOREVER

Stand Out Feature: Gleim has the biggest CPA exam test bank of questions and task-based simulations.

Needless to say, Gleim is HUGE. They have way more sims than any other course. This is a big deal with the new 2018 exam because the AICPA is emphasizing the importance of CPA simulations by increasing the score weight. These materials are extremely detailed and comprehensive. You won’t have a single question about the topics after reading the Gleim textbook and watching the video lectures.

Yaeger CPA Review

yaeger-cpa-review-coursesYaeger CPA review has been providing high-quality prep courses for 25+ years explaining CPA exam topics with practice problems and solutions. The Yaeger study materials are detailed and focus on walking candidates through exam problems, so you will know how to approach these concepts and topics on the exam. This is a really effective way to learn the concepts on the exam. Yaeger’s lectures are extremely thorough and informational, but they can be a little boring.

The Yaeger CPA review course includes these features:

  • 5,000 Past Exam Practice Questions
  • 165 Task-Based Simulations
  • 105 Hours of Video Lessons
  • CPA Flash Cards
  • Final Cram Course
  • 24 Month Course Access

Stand Out Feature: Yaeger’s comprehensive approach to working past exam problems and discussing solutions.

Yaeger spent a lot of time designing their software interface. The Yaeger student portal allows you to flip between textbook, video lectures, and practice questions easily. Each one of these modules are cross referenced, so you can bookmark the study text or exam question while watching a video. The Yaeger CPA study materials are SUPER comprehensive and include everything you need to pass the exam.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

fast-forward-academy-cpa-review-coursesFast Forward Academy has rebuilt their CPA study guide from the ground up. They first started out as an adaptive course and found that there were some features that worked and some that didn’t work. Rather than keep boasting about how adaptive technology is the best thing since sliced bread, Fast Forward Academy decided to make a course that actually works. Their new redesign keeps the core elements of adaptation and increases the emphasis on efficiency to help clear away the distractions and help you focus on the materials.

The Fast Forward CPA review course includes:

  • 5,000 Past Exam Practice Questions
  • 230 Task-Based Simulations
  • 80 Hours of Video Lectures (470 lessons )
  • CPA Flash Cards
  • Goal Creator and Historical Viewer
  • Unlimited Access FOREVER

Stand Out Feature: Fast Forward Academy’s streamlined interface and advance study analytics help reduce your study time and focus on topics that matter.

The Fast Forward CPA interface is by far the most advanced and modern out of any other company. Their design is so intuitive, you forget that you are accessing multiple modules at the same time. FFA let’s you study in split screen mode, so you can watch a video, read the textbook, and work practice problems at the same time. Your highlighted notes in practice questions will show up in the study text as will your bookmarks. They really thought of every way to eliminate the hassle of flipping between study materials, so you can simply focus on studying.

Becker CPA Review

becker-cpa-review-coursesBecker CPA review has long been an industry standard in the CPA exam study guide industry. They offer great materials, great instruction, and a great big price. Unlike the other exam prep providers on this list, Becker offers live classroom courses where you can actually attend a class instructed by a real person. Some candidates like this because it forces them to stick with a schedule. Other people hate it because who wants to drive to class every night after work? Becker also offers an online self-study CPA review course.

The Becker CPA review course includes a lot of great features:

  • 7,200 Past Exam Practice Questions
  • 400 Task-Based Simulations
  • 100 Hours of Video Lectures
  • CPA Flash Cards – Extra Fee
  • CPA Cram Course – Extra Fee
  • 18 Month Course Access

Stand Out Feature: Becker’s live classroom lectures give candidates an opportunity to ask questions and get help in person.

As you can see, Becker CPA Review really just comes down to money. There’s no question that the course is great. It’s one of the most respected courses out there, but it’s also THE most expensive one out there. It is not twice as good as other study guides and doesn’t justify the price difference.

Unless your firm or employer is paying for Becker, we’d recommend getting different CPA exam prep course that is more reasonably priced.

Top 2018 CPA Exam Prep Course Summary and Comparison Guide

Best CPA Study Materials and Exam Review CoursesBest Feature:
Wiley CPAexcelShort Bite-sized Lessons
Roger CPA ReviewAttention Grabbing Lectures
Surgent CPA ReviewAdaptive Technology
Gleim CPA ReviewMost Questions & Simulations
Yeager CPA ReviewPractice Problem Solutions
Fast Forward Academy CPABest CPA Study Interface
Becker CPA ReviewLive Classroom Lectures