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  • Title:ExamMatrix™ CIA Review System: All parts
  • For exams taken in2013
  • Published by:ExamMatrix
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Why it works so well…
The reason the ExamMatrix™ CIA  Review has been so successful over the years is simple: each uses scientific analysis coupled with an unmatched proprietary teaching methodology to constantly evaluate and adjust your personal study program. Each objectively creates new personalized study sessions based on your progress to date, and tracks and reports your progress at every step.

In essence, each is a technologically advanced, completely personalized, one-to-one approach to teaching each individual just what he or she needs to know to pass their Exam. Nothing more; nothing less. So no two individuals experience precisely the same ExamMatrix™ CIA  Review – each is custom tailored to pinpoint every individual’s ever-changing strengths and weaknesses, and objectively develop the appropriate remedies for that person’s next study session.

That’s why they work so well for everyone. Each recognizes that every candidate is unique. And so each provides the individualized training that candidate alone needs to overcome their unique proven weaknesses and build on their proven strengths.

They’ll work for you, too. Buy them. Use them. Pass the very next time. They Guarantee it.

How it works...
It starts by testing your skills to set a baseline of knowledge and begin the process of evolving the most efficient path to prepare you – and you alone – to take and pass your CIA Exam.

Your ExamMatrix CIA Exam Review will constantly evolve – not simply “adapt,” as some of our competitors claim their products do – throughout the time you use it. That evolution will be guided by our software’s built-in artificial intelligence structure which uses objective, scientific analysis coupled with the proven ExamMatrix teaching methodology.

The process is completely dynamic using the built-in personal trainer feature, which is the default. Under its guidance, every time you respond correctly or incorrectly to a question, it analyzes not just how you answered that one time, but also the nature, context and concept of that question, and objectively compares it to our proven, weighted statistical package to determine if there are any remedial steps you need to take.

The design of your very next study session will reflect what it has concluded is the best approach to executing any required remedies and your logical next study step. That may be prompting you to review particular sections – identified by page and paragraph – in the included online and printed reference materials, presenting you with new variations on the specific types or forms of questions you’re having trouble with, or simply moving you forward to the next logical building block, if you’ve proven you’re ready.

It’s constantly working with an agenda – to ensure you have mastered just what you need to know to pass that section of your CIA Exam – and continually refining your personal study program to take you on the fastest, most efficient path to complete readiness. And everything is designed around you – the pace, the time you have available to study, the amount of tiered help and assistance you want at any time, and your personal performance and progress with the materials. It’s a completely personalized learning experience.

What's Included ...
The ExamMatrix CIA Exam Review includes everything you need to pass your CIA Exam – the very next time – guaranteed, or your money back. Through the software and its reference materials it offers:

- Over 2,100 objective questions (all parts), weighted in accordance with the Internal Auditor's Exam Specification Outline

- Tiered layers of help to provide:
1. Detailed explanations to each question
2. Definitions for each key-term used in question
3. Exact location to study in book

The ExamMatrix™ built-in personal instructor guides your every step, continually evaluating your personal progress and providing accurate reports on your performance. Each study session is designed entirely around your changing needs and progress to date, to eventually allow you to bypass your proven strengths and address any weaknesses.

The ExamMatrix™ CIA Exam Review optimizes the time you have available to study at any time, while keeping you on a steady course to mastering the remaining materials you need to know to pass the exam. You will know when you are ready to take and pass each section of your Exam.

And with the legendary ExamMatrix™ Pass-or-Refund money-back guarantee you’ll pass your exam section or they will refund your money for the course.

If you are serious about passing the CIA Exam, then you should get serious about studying with the ExamMatrix CIA Exam Review!


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