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  • Title:Lambers CIA Review Full Set CIA DVD Courseware with PDF workbooks.
  • For exams taken in2013
  • Published by:Lambers
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The Lambers CIA Review is a 60 Hour Video Course containing everything you need to know to pass the CIA exam. Each part comes complete with DVD video lessons and accompanying workbook with outlines and questions.

The video lessons place empahasis on understanding the concepts and principles crucial to success, reinforcing those concepts by working hundreds of questions, and learning valuable exam-taking techniques which can add as much as 15-20 points to your score.

The Lambers CIA Review course will reduce homework time, increase your retention of key topics and sharpen your answering skills. The end result of this proven method is confidence- the confidence you need to pass!

Accompanying the DVDs are the Lambers CIA workbooks. The workbooks contain lecture notes, sample questions and areas to take notes while you view the lectures.

Lambers has designed the Lambers CIA Review Course with one objective in mind, and that is to have you pass the CIA Exam. This rigorous four part exam tests you in virtually all aspects of internal auditing. To help prepare you for this exam, Lambers will:

  • Show you where the examiners test most heavily
  • Disclose recent trends on the exam, by part and by topic
  • Explain how to focus your study on the hot topics
  • Steer you clear of the irrelevant topics with little or no points
  • Show you test taking tips and techniques to get those extra points
  • Work hundreds of actual exam questions with you
  • Show what you need to memorize for the exam

The CIA Exam consists of four parts:

  • Part I - The Internal Audit Activity's Role in Governance, Risk & Control
  • Part II - Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement
  • Part III - Business Analysis & Information Technology
  • Part IV - Business Management Skills

Your instructor, Garland Granger, CPA, MBA, CIA, is recognized nationally as a leading auditing instructor. Over the last 20 years, Professor Granger has prepared thousands of students for professional exams. In addition to his teaching duties, Garland Granger leads CPE seminars throughout the country.

Ready to prepare for the CIA Exam? Browse through the Lambers CIA Review store, view the online sample lectures and see for yourself how the Professor Granger can help you be successful!

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