Wiley CIA Exam Review 4 volume set - all parts


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  • Title:Wiley CIA Exam Review 4 volume set - all parts
  • Author:S. Rao Vallabhaneni
  • Published by:Wiley
  • ISBN:0-471-71883-1
  • For exams taken in2011
  • Edition3rd
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Wiley CIA Exam Review 4-volume set.

Includes four volumes covering all four sections of the Certified Internal Auditor Examination.


3rd edition published September 2005. ISBN: 0-471-71883-1. Paperback 1904 pages.

Here is the best source to help you prepare for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam, covering the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and more. Every volume in the Wiley CIA Exam Review series offers a successful learning system of visual aids and memorization techniques that enable certification candidates to form long-lasting impressions of covered material. Each volume is a comprehensive, single-source preparation tool that features: Fully developed theories and concepts, as opposed to superficial outlines found in other study guides Indicators that help candidates allot study time based on the weight given to each topic on the exam Full coverage of the IIA’s Attribute and Performance Standards Highly integrated coverage of theory and practice


S. Rao Vallabhaneni

S. Rao Vallabhaneni is an educator, author, publisher, and practitioner in the business management field with more
than thirty years of management experience in internal auditing, accounting, manufacturing, and information technology consulting in the public and private sectors. The 2004 Joseph Wasserman Memorial Award recipient, he is the author of several books, monographs, audit guides, exam study guides, and articles. He has twenty-four professional certifications in management, accounting, auditing,
finance, information technology, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, and human resource fields.

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