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  • Author:Irvin N. Gleim
  • Published by:Gleim
  • Title:Gleim CPA Business Audio Review Download
  • ISBN:978-1-58194-275-0
  • For exams taken in2013
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Audios are an excellent way to learn the material you need for the CPA exam during non-traditional study time, such as while driving to work. The Gleim CPA Regulation audio review series consists of one 30-minute overview for each of the 20 Gleim study units covering the Regulation section of the exam. The purpose of these overviews is to explain core concepts so you have a frame of reference for the details covered in our book, Test Prep Software Download Download, and Gleim Online.

Product Features:

•One Overview per Study Unit
•20 Study Units
•Each Overview Averages 30 Minutes
•Alternating Narrators

The end of each overview features a CPA prep tip, one-half minute to 2 minutes in length. The CPA prep tips cover topics such as:

•Study discipline
•Food and beverages at the exam site
•Conditional credit on the CPA exam
•Use of note cards while studying
•Educated guessing at the exam
•Distractions during the exam
•Exam tactics

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