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  • Title:ExamMatrix™ CPA Review System - All parts
  • For exams taken in2013
  • Published by:ExamMatrix
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What makes the ExamMatrix™ CPA Review Different?

The principal difference between the ExamMatrix™ CPA Review and other alternatives is that they provide a completely personalized study program for each candidate that continually pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses and dynamically evolves accordingly. Their program provides instant feedback and context-sensitive help at all times through tiered layers of additional on-screen as well as linked offline reference and tutorial materials, and continually re-engineers each of their successive study sessions to bypass their proven strengths and focus on their weaknesses.

The net result is that each user has their own personal trainer, through the software, focused entirely on taking them on the most efficient path to pass their Exam. This trainer always knows what that user has studied already, what they need to study more, and even – based on statistical analysis of their progress to date – precisely what the next optimum study session for that user should include. And then it creates that next optimum session for the user, automatically.

It also includes a predictive model – based on years of experience with the CPA Exam – that can accurately determine the exact moment a user is ready to take and pass their Exam, based on a weighted analysis of their performance with our CPA Review. When that point is reached – often long before completing all the questions and tests included in our CPA Review for that section – the user is alerted by the software. ExamMatrix™ then guarantees they will pass that section, the very next time they attempt it, or they will refund their purchase price for that section.

What’s Included:

  • Over 3,900 objective questions (all parts) – with full-text answers for each
  • Complete 4 Volume Reference Set (all parts) - with over 1,700 pages of text
  • Exam-simulation scenarios
  • Tiered layers of help and guidance at all times:
  • instant feedback on every question you attempt
  • More detailed on-screen definitions of key terms and concepts, when selected
  • Focused, content-sensitive remedial help, directing you to the exact page and paragraph to study more, either online or in included printed material

Built-in personal instructor to guide your every step:

  • Continually evaluates your personal progress
  • Provides accurate reports on your performance to you at any time
  • Executes a fully customized and disciplined study program designed entirely around your changing needs and progress to date
  • Creates every subsequent study session for you automatically to bypass your proven strengths and address any weaknesses
  • Optimizes the time you have available to study at any time, while keeping you on a steady course to mastering the remaining materials you need to know to pass
  • Reflects the weighting of the actual Exam you'll face
  • Measures and analyzes your progress, and tells you precisely when you're ready to take and pass each section of your Exam

Takes you on the fastest, most efficient path to passing your Exam

The optimal study program for you, that provides just what you need to know to pass your Exam, delivered at a pace that's right for you, delivers the appropriate help you need at all times, and that objectively and scientifically validates your readiness to take and pass each section

Why it works so well:
It uses scientific analysis coupled with an unmatched proprietary teaching methodology to constantly evaluate and adjust your personal study program. It objectively creates new personalized study sessions based on your progress to date, and tracks and reports your progress at every step.

In essence, it's a technologically advanced, completely personalized, one-to-one approach to teaching each individual just what he or she needs to know to pass their Exam. Nothing more; nothing less. So no two individuals experience precisely the same ExamMatrix CPA Review – it's custom tailored to pinpoint every individual's ever-changing strengths and weaknesses, and objectively develop the appropriate remedies for that person's next study session.

That's why it works so well for everyone. It recognizes that every candidate is unique. And so it provides the individualized training that candidate alone needs to overcome their unique proven weaknesses and build on their proven strengths.

It will work for you, too. Buy it. Use it. Pass the very next time. Guaranteed.

The ExamMatrix™ CPA Review Guarantee (quoted from their website):
“Your success is guaranteed! We're so confident you will earn the certification you are seeking with an the ExamMatrix™ CPA Review, that we will either refund your money or provide you with free updated materials in the unlikely event you do not pass.

To qualify for the pass guarantee, you must:
· See and answer all objective questions correctly at least one time.
· Spend an average of at least one (1) minute per objective question and (30) minutes per simulation question.
· Send a copy of your completed progress files by certified mail or other traceable method to ExamMatrix at: Pass Guarantee Department ExamMatrix, 7991 Shaffer Parkway, Suite 100, Littleton, CO 80127
· The files must be postmarked within seven (7) days after you sit for the actual exam.
· Take the Exam within one year from the date of purchase of your ExamMatrix Review.

If you have met all of the above qualifications, you will be eligible for the Pass/Refund or Pass/Update guarantee.

Pass/Refund Guarantee
Under this program you are eligible for a cash refund for the appropriate section(s) of your ExamMatrix Review package, minus shipping and handling. You must send us:
· A letter requesting a refund.
· All your original software and printed materials.
· A copy of your official examination grades confirming that you did not pass the exam.

This package must be sent to ExamMatrix within thirty (30) days of receiving your results.

Pass/Refund - To be eligible for the Pass/Refund guarantee option (in addition to meeting the study requirements stated above), your current software purchase must be at the full individual retail price (less any promotional discounts). Pass/Update - To be eligible for the Pass/Update guarantee option (in addition to meeting the study requirements stated above), your current software was either acquired at a discounted repurchase price (renewal/update), or you received the program through a corporate discounted rate. Renewal/update purchases and corporate discount purchases are only eligible for the Pass/Update guarantee.

Please view the ExamMatrix End User License Agreement for complete details.”

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