Black CPA Review - Auditing Package (Online Version)

  • Title:Black CPA Review - Auditing Package (Online Version)
  • For exams taken in2013
  • Published by:Black CPA Review
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What’s included:

  • Study guides: Easy to read study outlines.
  • Online Course: Hours of streaming step-by-step video instruction with problems explained on the board.
    If you learn through reading, this comprehensive outline booklets will walk you through all the material you’ll need to pass, without overloading you with too much extra information. If you learn through direct instruction, you’ll appreciate the instructional videos, which simulate a real classroom experience.
  • Audio: Download audio chapter outlines so you can listen to your notes anywhere. If you learn by listening, you’ll also benefit from the videos, but more so you’ll love these audio study chapters, which you can listen to on the go without needing to have the other study materials in front of you.
  • Study cards: Key note abbreviated cards for on-the-go studying.
  • Enrollment to the website for news and updates.
  • Wiley Problems and Solutions Volume 2 (included with complete course package only). If you order the complete package, the wile book of problems is included at no additional cost. However, if you purchase an individual section you will need to purchase the book separately. Black CPA Review uses the Wiley book to demonstrate problems for you to work on your own. Since the Wiley Problems and Solutions Volume 2 covers all four sections of the exam, you will only need this ONE Wiley book for all four Black CPA Review sections.

Why Choose Black CPA Review?
As Black CPA Review states:
"Plain and Simple: You can’t beat our value. Anywhere. For one price (that’s comparable to our competitors) you get everything you need. Everything! We won’t advertise one price and nickel and dime you for materials that are not included until you are frustrated and broke. We know what you want and what you need to pass and we want to give it to you for one low price. Black CPA Review doesn’t overload you with more material than you need. We know your time is precious and we provide you with what you NEED TO KNOW to pass the CPA exams. Our notecards and study aids provide helpful memorization tools. Our audio chapters help you study wherever you are. Our video instruction is clear, professionally done, and easy to understand. You can’t go wrong with Black CPA Review and we wont break the bank."


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