EA Exam Review (IRS Enrolled Agent)

The IRS Enrolled Agent Exam (EA Exam) review products listed below cover all parts of the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam.  For study systems covering only one section of the exam, or to purchase one or more individual components, choose from the menu on the left.

The Lambers Review EA DVD Video & electronic workbook which covers all sections of the exam. For 2012 exams.

Lambers EA Review iPod Course: All Parts (1,2&3). Includes DVDs in MP4 format that can be loaded onto a computer, MP4 player or iPod and a CD containing the EA workbook.

Lambers EA Review Audio Course: All Parts (1,2&3. CD's to download to your computer so you can sync your iPod or MP3 portable player; or simply play them in any MP3 player. Also includes workbooks on CD.

Gleim EA Parts 1, 2, 3 Review System (Books, Test Prep Software Download, Audio Reviews Download) 2013 edition.

ExamMatrix™ Enrolled Agent Exam Review System -All parts. For 2014 exams.