International Tax Guides 2012

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Australia's number one tax reference is designed to help practitioners, businesses, other organizations and students quickly locate accurate answers to their tax questions.

If you aren't a tax specialist but still need to provide tax advice to your clients or if you specialize in one area of tax and need reliable overview coverage of other areas then this annual handbook is your essential working resource.

This guidebook has been a key reference for tax professionals students over the last two decades and remains the authoritative guide for professionals as well as students preparing for university, professional and polytechnic tax examinations.

This guidebook provides an informative framework of Japanese taxes in English and includes insightful commentary on the Japanese tax statutes, regulations and National Tax Agency circulars.

This guidebook presents the structure, features and ambit of Malaysian income tax law. It explains how the law is relevant to individuals, partnerships, corporations and other taxable entities. It also provides useful information in the areas of tax i